Running a Group

Running a Group

Groups are encouraged to meet once a month for around two hours. During this time the group leader will facilitate prayer, lead the teaching, encourage discussion and make space for accountability. These are the set elements of Advance Groups, but how you run the sessions (and what extra elements you include) is up to you.

Advance leaders will be able to register who attends each month, which will help us to see how the movement is growing and support you as best we can. More information is coming soon.

Here is an example of how a group time could be spent:

  • 20 mins Catch up with some testimony and pray to begin the session
  • 45 mins Teaching and discussion time (Advance session guides and resources will be helpful for this)
  • 10 mins Prayer time in response to the teaching
  • 20 mins Pray for some of the group (see below)
  • 20 mins Fill out accountability forms, feedback in pairs and pray for each other.
  • 5 mins Set the next date if you haven’t already before finishing, and complete digital registration.

Other elements you may want to include:

Hearing from members of the group about stories of fruitfulness, personal revelation and experiences of God that will build faith.

Specific Prayer Focus
Taking the time for the whole group to pray for a few individuals within the group each session. Try to get through everyone every three meetings or so, and then start again.

Gospel Critique
Watching youtube clips or listening to audio of gospel presentations and discussing the content (you might look at style and delivery too if interested in the act of preaching, but the content is the primary focus). Critiquing systematic gospel approaches such as the four spiritual laws or the contemporary youth version of the 4Points is also very helpful. What are their strengths and weaknesses? These critiques will help to refine our understanding of the gospel and how we can best explain it to the world.

Practical Exercises
You may want to head out onto the streets for an hour and put some of the discussion and prayer to use in personal witness, or some other practical outworking of evangelism

If you have access to a speaker or guest who could contribute to the teaching and discussion time then why not invite them along to share with the group.

5 Helpful Tips


Schedule monthly meetings as far ahead as you can and keep those dates sacred! (6 months ahead if possible).


WhatsApp or an equivalent messenger is perfect for group communications, prayer requests, salvation stories between group times.


Books such as John Stott’s Basic Christianity, Rico Tice’s Honest Evangelism, and Ben Jack’s The Simple Gospel, are short, subject relevant books that could work as ‘homework’ reading, chapter by chapter each month and could be used for group discussion.


Making food part of the session can be a great way to build fellowship.


One or two of the sessions a year could be turned into longer retreat if time can be made, getting away for 24hrs together can be especially fruitful and beneficial.

What people have to say about advance

  • Advance has challenged me to always seek a response when I share the gospel. I don't say peoples 'no' for them anymore and I've seen authentic responses dramatically increase in the last few months.

  • The constant stories and emails really build your faith and encourage you to push out to do more yourself.

  • Being connected to other evangelists through Advance has helped me keep focused on sharing the gospel and given me tools to do this effectively.

  • I'm involved in a lot of things at the moment but I can't think of anything more significant, or that sharpens me more than gathering with my group of Advance evangelists.

    Andy Hawthorne
  • 'I have loved seeing some of my best friends grow in their passion for the lost, thirst for the true Gospel and boldness in preaching and seeing results. It's been a joy growing with them through the advance group'

  • Being part of Advance has given me a deeper confidence in my understanding of the gospel and how to share it at every opportunity.

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