Session Seven: Holiness Part One – Devotion

As evangelists we must ensure that the ‘on-stage’ matches the ‘off-stage’ life. How do we maintain authenticity in our lives and our evangelism? This session explores the importance of devotion within the Christian life and evangelism. BACKGROUND God is holy, that is, he is set apart. He is perfect, sovereign and unique. There is none […]

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Session Six: Apologetics

How do we respond to questions about, and objections to, our faith? In this session we will look at the tool of apologetics for the evangelistic task, considering how we may need to sharpen up to some of the things the world wants to talk about, whilst keeping the focus upon the cross of Christ. […]

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Session Five: Conversational Evangelism

This session is an opportunity to explore the importance of seeing and acting upon every opportunity to share the good news, not just those provided from a stage or platform. BACKGROUND We engage in conversations with a variety of people every single day. Many of these are face-to-face, but through the wonders of technology we […]

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Session Four: Why Preach?

How important is preaching to the task of evangelism? This session is an opportunity to explore the theme biblically and encourage each other in the development and sharpening of our communication and preaching skill.

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Session One: Called To Evangelism

This first group meeting should be used as an opportunity to get to know each other, establish the framework for what the group will be, and begin a dialogue around the idea of what it means to be called to be an evangelist.

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