One Thing: Preach the Bible – Steve Uppal

One Thing: Preach the Bible – Steve Uppal

For 31 years I have had the honour of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. If I could go back to my teenage self and give one piece of advice it would be to preach the Bible. I would tell myself that the real power of preaching is in God’s word being boldly proclaimed, so give yourself to the following…

Read the Bible daily and be consistent in that spiritual discipline of taking in God’s word. Even a small amount of God’s word taken in every day will begin to empower you, change you and grow you. Remember that the Bible will also read you – revealing things that need to change in you so you can become more like the master.

Listen to good sermons. Whether live or on a podcast, they too will become like bread feeding your spirit, soul and mind shaping the way you think and view the world. Stay humble and teachable as you hear the word.

Study the Bible. Take books, themes, words and characters and delve in deeper. Studying the Bible will give you greater depth and your roots will go deep. Make Bible study a regular part of your life, every few days or once a week – build it into your rhythm of life.

Memorise verses, passages, chapters and even whole books. This may seem a little daunting at first but you can do it with the help of the Holy Spirit. Being able to quote the Bible while preaching adds spiritual power and force to your words unlike anything else.

Meditate on scripture. Let your mind and heart chew on God’s word throughout the day. Whether you’re travelling or lying in bed – take a scripture, think on it and ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation and embed the truth into you as a person.

Pray the Bible. Take the Psalms or Apostolic prayers and learn to pray them back to the Lord. There is nothing quite as powerful in a prayer life as praying God’s word back to him. You are praying according to his word and that will give you greater faith in your prayers.

The power to transform lives is in God’s word so preach that and not clever ideas and stories. Stay away from fads and fashions that come and go. Don’t waste your opportunities for preaching by sharing your own ideas – share God’s word. It is eternal and it alone has the power to transform lives.

Steve Uppal, All Nations Church

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